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The first period of the day was pure agony as not a soul dared to speak or move during Zexion's speech. They all seemed glued to his sad tale like starved orphans (pun intended, sadly), writing down notes and documenting important facts about his life. Zexion had taken too many invitations to open events such as this one, but never had he felt so small. Not that day he had been handed his first gun, or the day he made his first act of violence. Perhaps it was because kids his age were learning about the shock he had gone through, and the cushions of their weak and peaceful lives couldn't cope with the rock hard knowledge of it.

"During the first rally of rebels during this period, many children became as skilled as the army personnel they fought. I remember my first day using a grenade and my own life as a distraction to save my platoon. It will never be a joke for me, not now nor ever." It was rather difficult to not look over at Axel, curious to what might be going through his mind. Did he expect such a past from a kid like him? Would Axel even want to talk to him after this?

Either way, the moment the bell rang Zexion felt a small amount of anger rise within his chest as it had interrupted his indulgence on a specific case of his childhood; a small period of time where he had been forced to join a special sector of his rebel forces and keep look-out on a hidden base before-

"Hey Zex, y'uh just gunna stand there..?" Axel spoke softly, waving his hand in front of Zexion's face as the younger had been busy leering after the retreating students.  The motion jolted his train of thought and caused those charcoal eyes to lock aggressively onto Axel's before cooling down dramatically.

"O-Of course not. Imbecile. Let's get moving to our next class then, shall we?" Hurriedly gathering his open books, Zexion forgot to spot his pencil case and knocked it over. The contents hung heavy in mid-air before scattering across the floor with a loud clatter. If anything else could go wrong, let there be another Meteor incident to erase his embarrassment.

"Here, let me get that..." Soon Axel was four legged, crawling along the floor like some sort of beetle. A severe blush bloomed over Zexion's cheekbones as Axel dipped low against the floor, rearing up his perfectly bony posterior. Coughing as he too leaned down, they managed to gather his things from under chairs and tables, going as far as the third row for his favourite blue pen. In record time they collected his things and soon left for their next class. The energy was less friendly than this morning, and awkwardness had heavily settled between them. Zexion didn't mind it as much as he thought he should, be he knew Axel was only keeping his questions at bay. He would erupt eventually.

"So, uhh... What's your next class Zex?"

Looking over accusingly, Zexion narrowed his eyes and gave the best disappointed look he could muster. Axel visibly flinched, bringing his arm up a full five inches to protect himself with his binders. "What is your next class? You certainly seemed to have forgotten that you skipped your first lesson today."

"Ahh, it was some retarded woodwork class anyway. Mr. Lionheart was probably glad that I hadn't shown up to light things on fire today." Rubbing the back of his head, Axel tried his best to keep his eyes away from Zexion's. He swore that if he looked at them juuust long enough, he'd lose his very soul.

"Sacrement... Will you attend any of your classes today?" Zexion feared having ever said those words as Axel's face seem to split, before his face virtually swivelled on his neck and wide glossy emerald eyes turned to look at him. For a moment, it was as if Axel became some sort of haunted doll.

"Now Zexion, why would I do such a thing as leaving you alone?"

"Uhg, drop dead." His intention: pushing Axel away to make his untimely escape. The result: pushing Axel into a nearby student and knocking her flat on her ass. Spinning to try and catch himself, Axel lifted his arms like a retarded balloon and flung his books up in the air. They spun like small propellers before raining down around them. Axel got struck square in the face, causing him to careen backwards and onto the wine red haired student.

She screamed, struggling underneath the bag of bones as suddenly, bubbly laughter erupted from a nearby body. Both fallen students turned to see Zexion teary-eyed and laughing like some juvenile child. He could hardly contain himself  as they looked to each other, understanding each their situations dawning on their faces as they laughed along. Axel got up and helped the female student find her footing. Together, they gathered their books and met face to face.

"Sorry 'bout that, Kairi. Didn't see your shorty-ness there."

"Get bent, Axel." Then another giggle fell from her glossy lips as she noticed Zexion finally calming down. "But thanks for helping me up."
Lol, so whatever idea I did have just died. I tried rekindling it by adding in new elements, changing shit around, but it had run around a corner without me. -sigh-

Oh well, here's the next part. Hopefully I'll be more severely inspired next time XD

Characters@Square Enix
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<3 it!
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